00 8/1/2010 12:10 AM
What's obvious in all of this rubbish that's been thrown at us for months now is that the writers are perpetrating a personal attack on Pope Benedict XVI. I've never read anything to suggest that there was something "queer" about the very close relationship between JPII and the now Cardinal Dviwisv - escuse spelling, his personal secretary. They were extremely close for forty years and Stanislas D. has recently written a book "A Life with Karol". As far as I know there's never been the slightest whiff of anything "gay".

I just hope that our wonderful Holy Father either doesn't see these things or, if he does, that he has sufficient strength of mind to ignore them.

I do think we need to have this stuff aired here, so thank you, Teresa. For me it's rather like The Tablet - I choose to ignore its very existence. But I have, on occasion, read articles just so that I feel qualified to comment and I think we should do this, if we don't want to get shot down in flames.

Viva Pope Benedict XVI!!!!!
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