00 4/1/2010 3:14 AM
With apologies (and thanks) to Father Z - he's not toxic, it's the crap he fisks that is - and on his blog today, March 31, he does the job for us of taking down this Richard McBrien from Notre Dame, one of National Catholic Reporter's star columnists for being among the most unspeakable 'Catholic' dissidents in the country. I avoid reading him altogether, but apparently, Newsweek - who already has a prize boob of its own in their religion writer Lisa Miller, asked McBrien to write on the current media cause-du-jour. McBrien is typical of 98% of those writing about this topic these days whose attitude is "I really don't need to know the facts since all I need to do is cite what I think will hurt the Pope and his Church the most!" I took the trouble because there are times that idiocy has to be exposed and seen for what it is.