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Both editor Amy Welborn and illustrator Ann Kissane Engelhart now have it on their respective websites, so here is more material from the beautiful children's book that they put together on Pope Benedict's Q&A with First Communion children in Rome in October 2006.
I have mounted their pictures with the title page and Table of Contents:

The pdf of the entire book can be seen through Ann's website,
under Children's Books

and the book can be ordered online at
It makes an excellent gift for children, especially those who are about to have their First Communion.

Ann was interviewed yesterday on Telecare, a Catholic TV service for Long Island. The interview can be seen on
(Click on the icon for 'Everyday Faith Live' - she comes on halfway through the program, at around 14:00.)

Also, now it can be told... Ann is the friend of the Forum who contributed the anecdote earlier about a visit to Traunstein.
Thanks for the support and your friendship, Ann.

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