00 10/8/2009 2:32 PM
I expect there will be more stories like these from the hundreds of Hawaiians who are in Rome or coming to Rome for Father Damien's canonization on Sunday. We can't have enough of these stories - and I am really surprised there aren't more online, considering the tens of thousands who get to see the Pope every week. This is particularly 'cute'...

Oct. 7, 2009

Just an hour ago, we had an audience with the Pope. The Scouts were very close….as a matter of fact, we were in the main section…. on the same level as the Pope….Awesome exerience.

Various Bishops from all over welcome pilgrims in their own language from all over… then the Pope blesses everyone and all objects they bring for blessings… and yes, for those who bought the Scout fundraising items and asked for them to be blessed, they all were!

We gave our gift to a Swiss Guard, who in turn gave it to the Pontiff…The Pope will surly understand Aloha!