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Here's a little anecdote from the OR coverage of the Pope's visit to San Giovanni Rotondo last June that may well have been drowned in the welter of items and photos on that occasion. so I thought I should psot it here as well.

Does anyone else remember that
Joseph Ratzinger's second
baptismal name is Alois? He does!

Translated from
the 6/22-6/23/09/09 issue of

After the Mass, some moments of familiarity among the ministrants. The Pope, having taken off his liturgical robes, greeted his ministrants (local clergy) one by one. They were presented to him by Archbishop D'Ambrosio.

Presenting one young altarboy, the prelate said, "Holiness, you may wish him a happy name day - today is the feast of St. Aloysius (Luigi in Italian) and his name is Luigi."

The Pope smiled, held out his hand, and said, "Now, wish me back too, because my second name is Luigi (he was of course christened Joseph Alois!).

NB: Jose Luis - the Spanish transcription of Joseph Aolis - is a very popular name combination in the Spanish-speaking world. And guess who's the most prominent 'Jose Luis' that our Pope shares his baptismal names with - none other than the relentlessly secular Prime Minister of Spain, Jose Luis Zapatero.

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