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Papal visit in light of anniversaries

Twenty anniversary of falling communist regime and canonization of St Agnes of Bohemia aren’t the only anniversaries, remembered by faithful this year

Benedict will arrive in the Czech Republic in year we remember many important anniversaries in Christian life of country. The visit of Holy Fathers takes place twenty years after fall of communism in our country

Among other significant dates belong:
• 20. Anniversary of canonization Agnes of Bohemia by pope John Paul II on 12th November 1989 http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Agnes_of_Bohemia

• 40. death anniversary of Cardinal Josef Beran on 17th May 1969 who was persecuted by both regimes, nazi and communist and is buried in the grotto of St. Peter's Basilica

• 280 years from canonization of St John of Nepomuk by pope Benedict XIII on 19th March 1729

• Archiepiscopate of Prague was founded before 665 years on 30th April 1344

• 1010 years from St Adalbert’s canonization by pope Sylvester II in 999

• 1140 years from death St Cyril (Konstantin) on 14th February 868
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