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Even radiotelegraphists to promote visit of Holy Fater in the Czech Republic

Two radiotelegraphists from nearby of Brno choose interesting way of promotion of visit of Holy Father in the Czech Republic. For a short-term they changed usual call signs of their amateur radio stations OK5MM (operator Ing. Vít Kotrba) and OK2BEW (operator Karel Pažourek) and they asked Czech telecommunication office for extraordinary call signs OL16BND and OL16B for whole September 2009. With broadcasting on short waves both telegraphists has became rarities and they has attracted attention among their colleagues round the world immediately because prefix OL is used only for absolutely unique occasions.

Text messages from Pope

Every morning you can receive on your cell phone text message from Pope Benedict XVI. More precisely text message do not send Holy Father himself but Episcopate Brno sends chosen quote from his papal encyclics. And this service is much appreciated.

Project named “Daily SMS from Pope” has intent to tune faithful to visit of Benedict XVI and his celebrations in Brno, which takes place on 27th September in airport Brno Tuřany.

According to spokeman of Brno Episcopate Martina Jandlová the majority of quotes are chosen to be an inspiration for thinking even for people who are not believers. A text message is for free and can be received from 5th September until 25th September.

Thoughts of Benedict XVI are chosen from his three encyclics: Deus Caritatis Est, Spe Salvi and Caritas in Veritate.

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