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Thanks to Scenron on Lella's blog

for alerting us to this update from Brescia.

Bishop of Brescia announces
the program for Pope's visit

Translated from

Sept. 2, 2009

The bishop of Brescia, Mons. Luciano Monare, with the approval of the prefecture of the Pontifical Household, yesterday released the program for Pope Benedict XVI's visit to Brescia on Sunday, November 8.

Papa Ratzinger will be paying homage to Paul VI, a native of Brescia, who named him Archbishop of Munich-Freising and made him a cardinal.

The Pope will arrive in the morning at Ghedi military airbase on a special flight from Rome.

Enroute to Brescia from the airport, he will stop at the suburban parish church of Botticino Sera, to venerate the remains of St. Arcangelo Tadini, the sainted parish priest and champion of workers whom Benedict XVI canonized among five new saints last April 26.

In Brescia, the Pope will celebrate Mass and lead noontime Angelus prayers at the Piazza Paolo VI, after which he will lunch and have a brief rest at the Paul VI Center.

In the afternoon, he will go to Concesio, the suburb where Giovanni Battista Montini, the future Paul VI, was born. There, Benedict will inaugurate the new headquarters of the Istituto Paolo VI, a center for documentation, study and dissemination of his predecessor's life work.

Here is the program:

09.30 Ghedi - Arrival at the military airport of Ghedi
Papa Benedetto XVI giungerà all’aeroporto militare

Enroute to Brescia, the Pope will make a brief stopover at
the parish church of Botticino Sera to venerate the remains
of St. Arcangelo Tadini.

10.30 Brescia - Eucharistic Concelebration at the Piazza Paolo VI
- Angelus

13.00 Lunch and then a brief rest at the Paul VI Pastoral Center

16.45 Concesio
- Visit to the birthplace of Papa Montini
- Inauguration of the new headquarters of the Istituto Paolo VI

18.15 Visit to the parish church of Sant'Antonino
where Giovanni Battista Montini was baptized

19.00 Ghedi – Departure for Rome.