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THE POPE & THE CHURCH - DAY TO DAY: A quick reference

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This is for convenient reference at a glance, without having to scroll through the pages in the main thread.. I should have started this six years ago.... The posting will necessarily be delayed and sometimes not prompt as I shall be filling this in after reviewing what has been posted .

January 2011

Jan 1
- New Year's Day Mass and Angelus
Proposes Assisi meeting in October
Decries new killings in Alexandria and Iraq
- First Anglican converts received into the Church at Westminster Cathedral, London

Jan 2
- Sunday Angelus
Address to Madrid 'Family Day' rally
Calls new anti-Christian violence an offense to God and mankind
- Grand Imam of Cairo's Al-Azhar mosque criticizes Pope Benedict XVI for 'asking world leaders to defend Christians', even as he condoles with the Coptic Pope for the New Year's day car-bombing massacre of Copts in Alexandria, Egypt'

Jan 3
- Andrea Tornielli reports that the Congregation for Saints has approved the miracle needed for John Paul II's beatification
- Governor of Pakistan's Punjab province assassinated by one of his bodyguards because he spoke against the nation's harsh anti-blasphemy law
- Turkish Deputy Prime Minister visits Patriarch Bartholomew I in Istanbul in what the AsiaNews corresponded called another sign that Turkey has finally recognized the juridical status of the Orthodox Church. [P.S. A statement several days later by the Turkish official made clear Turkey does not recognize a juridical status for the Orthodox Church and continues to deny that the Ecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople is anything other than a local patriarchate.]

Jan. 4
- Could this be Blessed John Henry Newman's 'canonization miracle? An American girl was reportedly cured of severe spinal dystrophy while watching his beatification rite on TV. Page 24 of the CHURCH&VATICAN thread.

Jan 5
- First General Audience for 2011
The Holy Father reflects on the significance of the Incarnation and cites sermons from Pope St. Leo the Great.
- Visit to children's wards at the Gemelli Hospital in Rome.

Jan 6
- Mass of the Epiphany in St. Peter's Basilica.
Homily on the significance of the Magi's search and the star that led them.
- Holiday Angelus.
Further reflections on the Epiphany as Christ's manifestation to the entire world.
- The OR reports hopeful signs of Muslim solidarity with Copts in Egypt.
- Al-Azhar Grand Imam criticizes Benedict XVI again for statements he never said.

Jan. 7
- Christmas in the Orthodox world. Egyptian Copts celebrate in fear, but Egyptian authorities provide massive security
for midnight masses.
- Egyptian press publishes Apostolic Nuncio's statement replying to Grand Imam's reckless statements about the Pope.
- Sandro Magister article brings perspective to anti-Christian persecution 'from the Indus to the Nile'.
- The Prime Minister of the Tibetan government in exile praises the Pope for his World peace Day message on religious freedom.
All the above on Page 175 of the BENEDICT thread.

Jan. 8
- No papal stories.
- Antonio Socci replies to Vittorio Messori's 1/7 article claiming that 'Zionism' is at the root of anti-Christian hatred.
Both articles posted side by side.

Jan. 9
- The Pope presides at the Sistine Chapel Mass on the Baptism of the Lord, and baptizes 21 babies.
- At the Angelus, he recalls the first anniversary of the Haiti earthquake and says he is sending Cardinal Sarah
of Cor Unum to Haiti to reiterate the concern of the Church for the Haitians.
- The Church of Malta announces it will form a tribunal to hear abuse cases filed seven years ago after victims write
the Vatican that nothing has been done about their cases since the Pope's viit last year.
1/8-1/9 items on Page 176 of the BENEDICT thread.
On P. 24 OF the CHURCH&VATICAN thread:
- Anglicans moving to the Catholic Ordinariate are told they cannot hold services where they used to worship.

Jan. 10
- The Pope addresses the diplomatic corps and makes his strongest statements yet on the subject of religious freedom,
citing specific violations in specific countries.

Jan. 11
- Egypt recalls its Vatican ambassador for consultations, accusing the Pope of 'interfering' in Egyptian affairs.
- An off-duty policeman shoots at Christians on a Cairo-bound train, kills one and wounds 5 others.
- Protests in Pakistan build up against the Pope for having called for repeal of the anti-blasphemy law.

Jan. 12
- General Audience. The catechesis is on St. Caterina of Genoa.
- Pope names new bishop for Port-au-Prince on the first anniversary of the Haiti earthquake.
- The Catholic Bishops of England and Wales announce the ordination as Catholic priests on Saturday of the first three Anglican bishops to convert under Anglicanorum coetibus. The conference also publishes a Guide to the Ordinariate.

Jan. 13
- Some moderate Muslim leaders in Pakistan express support for Benedict XVI in his appeal for religious freedom.
- Speculation that Benedict XVI will approve John Paul II's beatification miracle tomorrow and name the date
for the beatification.

Jan. 14
- Benedict XVI signs decree acknowledging the miracle healing of a French nun through the intercession of John Paul II
and announces he will beatify the late Pope at St. Peter's on May 1.
- Two other beatification miracles are acknowledged, along with the 1846 martyrdom of five Bosnian nuns, and the heroic virtues of three priests, a teenage postulant, and a laywoman.
- John Paul II's remains will be transferred from the Vatican grotto to the Chapel of St. Sebastian next to the Pieta Chapel, where it will be immediately accessible to anyone who enters the Basilica.
- Benedict XVI meets with the officials and legislators of the Lazio region, the province of Rome, and the city of Rome in the traditional New Year audience.

Jan. 15
- The CDF formally announces establishment of the first Personal Ordinariate for returning Anglicans in England and Wales. It is named for Our Lady of Walsingham and its patron is Blessed John Henry Newman. The Holy Father named Rev. Keith Newton, former Anglican Bishop of Rockborough, as the first Ordinary.
- The Holy Father meets with a Lutheran delegation from Finland, making the traditional St. Henry's Day call.
- He also holds traditional audience for the officials and members of the Italian Inspectorate providing security in St. Peter's Square,

Jan. 18
- At the Angelus, the Holy Father personally announces the beatification rite for John Paul II on May 1, and calls on all the faithful to rejoice with him.
- He names Werner Arber, a Swiss physician and Nobel Prize winner, as president of the Pontifical Academy of Sciences, the first Protestant to be named head of any Vatican organization.

Jan. 17
The Pope meets with
- The Director-General of UNESCO
- The community of the Polish Institute in Rome on the occasion of its 100th anniversary
- Officials and members of the Neo-Catechumenal Way, whose catechism has been approved by the CDF. Earlier in the week, the Secretariat of State ruled against Japanese bishops who wanted the Way suspended for five years from activities in Japan for disruptive attitudes towards their host dioceses. In his address, the Pope urged the movement to cooperate with their host dioceses.

Jan. 18
- The media reopen the 'sex abuse scandal' by claiming a 1997 letter from the Apostolic Nuncio in Ireland to Irish bishops was the 'smoking gun' proving that the Vatican prohibited bishops from reporting sex offenses by priests to local authorities. It's number- what now in the alleged 'smoking guns' they have been citing since the slanderous and lie-mongering BBC documentary of 2006?

Jan. 19
- Vatican spokesman Fr. Lombardi and the Vatican's US-based lawyer Jeffrey Lena debunk 'smoking gun' claims.
- At the General Audience, the Holy Father speaks on the four pillars of Christian unity embodied by the first Christian community of Jerusalem.
- L'Osservatore Romano says Light of the World has sold a million copies in the present editions since the book came out on Nov, 24.

Jan. 20
- Al-Azhar suspends its annual talks with the Pontifical Council for Inter-Religious Dialog alleging once more that it is to protest teh Pope's 'interference in Egyptian affairs' for words he never said.
- Cardinal Bertone, asked to comment on the current investigation by Milan police into alleged misconduct of the Italian Prime Minister with a Moroccan teenager under 18, says the Vatican is closely following news reports and says all public officials should be aware of their responsibilities.
- First seminar for university students sponsored by the Diocese of Rome on Benedict XVI's great secular discourses, at the Lateran Apostolic Palace. Topic: the Regensburg lecture.

Jan. 21
- Pope Benedict blesses the 'pallium lambs' at the Vatican.
- He meets with Rome police and Italian state police assigned to the Vatican and makes a general statement about the responsibility of public officials to uphold moral and ethical conduct.

Jan. 22
- The Pope addresses the Tribunal of the Roman Rota at the start of the Church judicial year, and says canon law and pastoral care must work together to insure that Christian couples are adequately prepared before marriage about the responsibilities of married life to avoid eventual cause for annulment. In this sense, he said, Catholic marriage is not an automatic right.

Jan. 23
- At the Sunday Angelus, the Holy Father speaks about the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity.

Jan. 24
- The Vatican releases the Pope's Message for the World Day for Social Communications in October. For the fourth year in a row, the subject is the use of the new communications technologies, this time, for social networking.
- The Pope meets with a delegation from the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Germany.
- Cardinal Bagnasco opens the winter meeting of the Italian bishops' Permanent Council in Ancona, and addresses the Berlusconi scandal without specifics, disappointing the Italian media who expected him to excoriate the Prime Minister by name.
- The Vatican releases the calendar for the Holy Father's liturgical celebrations in February to April, including Holy Week.

Jan. 25
- The Holy Father sends his condolences to Russian President Medvedev for the terrorist bombing attack in Moscow's largest domestic airport.
- He presides at Vespers in the Basilica of St. Paul outside the Walls to mark the Feast of the Conversion of St. Paul and the conclusion of the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity.
- The Vatican releases his message for World Mission Sunday in October.

Jan. 26
- At the General Audience, the Holy Father resumes his catechetical cycle on great women figures in the medieval Church, and devotes the lesson to Joan of Arc.

Jan. 27
- Second seminar for university students sponsored by the Diocese of Rome on Benedict XVI's great secular discourses, at the Lateran Apostolic Palace. Topic: College des Bernardins address, Paris, Sept, 2008.

Jan. 28
- Sueddeutsche Zeitung publishes 1970 letter signed by Prof. Joseph Ratzinger along with 8 other German theologians recommending that the German bishops' conference examine the question of priestly celibacy in connection with the priest shortage in Germany.
- The Holy Father addresses members of the International Commission for Theological Dialog between the Catholic Church and the Eastern Oriental Churches.
- In the concluding Mass for the Italian bishops' Permanent Council meeting in Ancona, Cardinal Bagnasco urges fellow bishops and priests to emulate Benedict XVI who is not afraid to pursue his mission despite criticism.

Jan. 29
- The Holy Father sends a videomessage to greet the Pontifical University of Santo Tomas in Manila, Philippines, which celebrates this year the fourth centenary of tis founding by Spanish Dominican missionaries in 1611, 25 years before Harvard.
- He meets with the community of the Pontifical Ethiopian College in Rome and urges them to pursue the way of holiness.

Jan. 30
- At the Angelus, he reflects on the Beatitudes, welcomes the Diocese of Rome's Children's Catholic Action on their annual Caravan for Peace, reminds the faithful that today is the World Day for Lepers and the Day of Intercession for Peace in the Holy Land, and greets the peoples of the Orient who celebrate Lunar New Year this week.

Jan. 31
- Sandro Magister and Fr. Samir write about a document posted online on January 14 by 13 Muslim imams and intellectuals proposing a renewal of Islam by considering several issues that require revolutionary changes in Muslim religious and social policy, along the lines of a Muslim 'enlightenment' hoped for by Benedict XVI in the Regensburg lecture. However, since the major proponents are connected with Egypt's Al-Azhar University and Mosque, political events in that country may well submerge the initiative for now.
- Vatican-baiting US lawyer says the Vatican refused to be served notice of a US lawsuit implicating both the Pope and Cardinal Bertone for abuses against a deaf ward committed in the 1970s before either came to the Vatican.

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