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6/7/2009 6:47 PM
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June 7
Blessed Jose Perez (Mexico, 1890-1928)
Franciscan and Martyr

OR today.

The Holy Father does not rate a front-page picture today, although there is a Page 1 story on his audience with the faculty and students of the French seminary in Rome yesterday (translation of the address in the post above this). Still, Obama's visit to Buchenwald and a couple other international news take precedence over it.

Other Page 1 stories are on the coming elections in Lebanon (will Hezbollah emerge dominant?]; Israel and the US don't see eye to eye about settlements on the West Bank; and dozens of dead and wounded in northern Peru as indigenous tribes clash with government forces. The natives are protesting gas and oil exploration in their Amazon province and have threatened to sabotage pipelines which serve Peru's national electric grid.

There is an inside page story about a roundtable discussion on how Israel seeks to reconcile the Torah with a democratic government. The event was principally sponsored by the organization Cattolici Amici d'Israele to follow up on the Pope's recent visit to Israel. Those who spoke included the Israeli ambassador to the Holy See and two Jewish university professors.

There is an announcement of the presentation this week of a new book assembled by OR editor Giovanni Maria Vian entitled In difesa di Pio XII: Le ragioni della storia ['In defense of Pius XII: The reasons of history', which gathers together recent articles and essays about the late Pope's wartime activities.

Also coming out next week is the indefatigable Andrea Tornielli's 478-page biography Paolo VI: L'audacia di un Papa, which follows his monumental 664-page book Pio XII: Un'uomo sul trono di Pietro last year.

An advance review says Tornielli pays special attention to Paul VI's post-Vatican II dilemma when many priests left the Church to marry, dissent to Church teachings became widespread, and abuses became evident in the new liturgy - a situation the late Pope famously characterized as the fumes of Satan entering the Church.


The Angelus is back with the end of Eastertide - The Holy Father spoke today of the triple feasts
following Pentecost: today's Feast of the Holy Trinity, the Solemnity of Corpus Domini next Thursday,
and the Feast of the Sacred Heart of Jesus on Friday.

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