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5/1/2009 10:01 PM
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I am so glad someone authoritative has come out with this, about a subject on which I have so far soft-pedalled my own comments (mostly incidental, when I am summarizing the OR's front-page stories), because L'Osservatore Romano, after all, is supposed to be 'the Pope's newspaper'. And it is obvious why I did not bother to translate a naive and often uninformed or misinformed view of Washington politics.

May 1, 2009

L’Osservatore Romano’s sympathetic front-page editorial by Giuseppe Fiorentino about Barack Obama’s first 100 days is baffling (full text available at

On every contested issue related to the natural moral law, Obama is advancing dangerous policies. Yet this editorial blithely says that even “on ethical issues…Obama doesn’t seem to have confirmed the radical changes he had aired.”

Yes, he has.

Within weeks of entering office -
- he reversed the Mexico City Policy as promised, thereby freeing up the tax dollars of Americans for the promotion of abortion overseas;
- he lifted George W. Bush’s ban on federal tax dollars for embryo-destructive research;
- he took the first steps toward abolishing the Bush’s “conscience clause” that protects the rights of pro-life nurses and doctors at hospitals that receive federal funds;
- he has appointed supporters of gay marriage and euthanasia to a host of important posts;
- and he has enlisted dissenting Catholics such as Kathleen Sebelius to serve as his agents of moral destruction.

“The new guidelines regarding embryonic stem-cell research don’t, in fact, line up with the changes foreseen months ago,” says Fiorentino. “They don’t permit the creation of new embryos for purposes of research or therapy, for cloning or reproductive ends, and federal funds may be used solely for experimentation with surplus embryos.”

Yes, they do. The guidelines forbid reproductive cloning but permit the cloning of embryos for research. And the research can go beyond “surplus embryos.”

It is more than a little disturbing that an editorial as ignorant as this one could appear in the Pope’s newspaper. [My sentiments, exactly!!!]

At the very moment orthodox Catholics in America are reeling from Notre Dame's honoring of Obama, they wake up to find this editorial softpedaling his record. Et tu, L'Osservatore Romano?

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This was how I presented it yesrerday in my little caption summary to the 4/30/09 issue of OR posted in NEWS ABOUT BENEDICT in the PRF:

Follow-up stories on the Pope's visit to the Abruzzo quake victims; North Korea threatens another nuclear test, and an editorial commentary about President Obama's '100 days that did not shake the world' [meant to be complimentary in that he has done 'nothing radical']*


*(The)asterisk was for this: I don't understand that this 'analyst' for the Pope's own newspaper seems to shrug off Obama's decisions on funding abortion worldwide and embryonic stem-cell research, but then, OR reporting on Obama from the day he was elected has always been marked by a naive kind of 'idealism' that sees nothing but glowing good about Obama and his policies, making rash conclusions even on the basis of the most tentative hypotheses and statements by his administration - and not mentioning at all his dubious choice for Health Secretary in a woman whose toleration of abortion practices in her state was even more extreme than Obama's support of such practices in legislation.

Why is the OR inching more and more towards the kind of politically correct, if not yet downright liberal, reading that the secular MSM already bury us under????

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