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8/16/2017 5:10 PM
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For some reason, the posts I made after the last one above have disappeared - the last one was a translation of Aldo Maria Valli's very pertinent reflection on the inflation and abuse of 'dialog' as the panacea advocated for every problem....I had posts on the Assumption (Fr. Stravinskas's homily at Holy Innocents yesterday, and an account of how the Pope has chosen in 2016 and again this year, not to celebrate a Mass on Assumption Day; on the 8/15 PewSitter and Canon212 headlines; on some very pertinent reflections on the Papacy by Cardinal Ratzinger back in 2001; and Cardinal Burke on the formal correction that will follow the DUBIA and on apostasy in the Church... They were still there this morning when I entered a slight correction to my introduction to Valli's article, and I could not have accidentally deleted Valli's article by doing so because I certainly did not hit the Delete button, and in any case, one always get a confirmation alert before any post can be deleted. then how did the earlier 3 posts get deleted? It is so frustrating to deal with the unpredictable deus ex machina that cyberspace has become.. I am therefore leaving space to reconstruct those posts (which means having to translate Valli's article all over!)

Another losing battle with the Forum server today. I did manage to re-post the Assumption and Cardinal Burke items with only 'minor' inconveniences such as slooooow registration of words 10-15 seconds after they are typed. But I had to do the Cardinal Ratzinger/Papacy item three times over because the Forum server froze on me so I could not save what I had already posted, then Google Chrome shut up on its own (it's doing that a lot these days) with the same loss, and finally, I lost the Word document on which I was trying to compose the whole post first... In which time I could have re-translated the Valli article on dialog, which, believe me, is a must-read... So I am still behind in that....
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